Tracking and Timing with 1 Chip!

The RACE RESULT technology turns tracking upside down. The tracking features built in the RACE RESULT software takes a new approach to tracking, offering major improvements compared to traditional tracking solutions.

  • No additional device
    No need to carry a bulky GPS tracker or a smartphone, all the athletes need is the exact same timing chip that they would be wearing anyway.
  • Less infrastructure
    You only need SIM cards for the Track Boxes, not for each participant. You can then easily track thousands of participants without overloading the cell network.
  • More timing data
    The tracking data collected is much more precise than with any other solution. You can use it to publish an unprecedented number of splits.

The data collected by the Track Box can then be used for tracking visualisation, and for timing at relevant locations.

The RACE RESULT tracking solution was successfully used on the Isklar Norseman Extreme Triathlon, one of the toughest endurance events on the planet. Thanks to the Track Box, the 3-strong timing crew was able to cover 25 timing points, spread on a 200 km point-to-point course.

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