Mountain Bike

For a mountain bike race, we recommend the passive system with disposable transponders attached to the back of the bike plates. This setup is being used for both amateur such as The Craters Classic, as well as elite events like the Cycle Challenge Elite MTB.

This set up can be used for point-to-point as well as loop courses, or even 24hr lap races. Any number of timing points can be used (Start, On Course Split Points, Spotter, Finish) with data streaming live to the timing crew via SIM cards inserted in the timing decoders.

With transponders integrated into the bike plate, the only thing participants have to do is attach the plate to the handle bars and they are ready to race!

We work with the printer of your choice to coordinate attaching the timing transponders to the bike plates and to have these delivered to you in time for race day or any pre-event registration. Alternatively we can source bike plates for you also.

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