At MyTime we have a range of hardware to time any event including fun runs, marathons, triathlons, MTB races and cycling events

Mytime Race Result Decoder


The decoder is the beating heart of the timing system. It connects to a range of antennas which in turn receive the signals from the transponders. The decoder captures the transponder code and exact time of day the transponder crossed a timing point. It then provides the data to the scoring software RACE RESULT 12 in real time. The integrated 4G module allows mobile network connection wherever there is cellphone coverage.

Each decoder has an integrated GPS module which we use the synchronize the decoder’s time. Multiple decoders can be easily synchronized without any possible discrepancy between the decoders.

  • Super Reliable (it’s German Engineering after all)
  • Precise, synchronised GPS time
  • Integrated 4G Module for mobile network access
  • Regular updates with new features

Active or Passive System

This is horses for courses, not right or wrong. Either system can be used to time any event but the Active System is better suited to some and vice versa for the Passive System. We’ll work with you to determine which is the best solution for your event.


The passive system is the best solution for mass events like fun runs, marathons and half marathons, MTB races and mass road cycling events, or non-elite triathlons.

The passive system uses either the patented foldable ground antenna (timing mat) or the high-gain side antenna (or both combined).

Mytime passive timing system


Generally speaking we deploy our active system for Elite or National level events where the high precision and 100% detection rate are of utmost importance.

A simple wire loop is used to detect the transponders, which due to their internal battery are always “ON”. The wire loop can be taped to the road or dug into the ground. On race tracks, it can be installed in the channels designed for timing loops.

With the recent addition of the ground-breaking Track Box, we can provide tracking and timing with the same transponder. Track Boxes placed along the course or on race vehicles receive pings from all tracking-enabled transponders within a 50 m radius and transmit the data live online. We can then use this data to produce live tracking visualisation, and to publish an unprecedented amount of splits.

Both systems work with the same decoder as described above.

Mytime disposable tag transponder

Disposable Tag

Mytime reusable tag transponder

Reusable Tag


Transponders are either the disposable tag (back of the bib, bike plate or on the seatpost sticker) or a reusable tag such as the HuTag (triathlons, multisport races, open water swims, mud runs).

Track Box

A relatively new addition is the Track Box Passive. With UHF Reader, GSP and battery all integrated into one small device, it is the ideal device for split points, remote timing locations and advanced race visualisation.

Mytime track box


Mytime passive transponders

Passive Transponders

Race Result is the first company in the sports industry to develop it’s own disposable UHF transponder. At a thickness of only 1.5 mm, the transponder provides the highest detection rates on the market.

  • Disposable transponder – back of race bib, bike plate or on seatpost sticker
  • Single Use triathlon transponder
  • HuTag – reusable triathlon/multisport transponder
  • Baton – reusable relay transponder
Mytime active transponders

Active Transponders

We use the ActivePro transponders

  • High precision: 0.01 s
  • Max. speed: 150km/h
  • 3D activation antenna
  • Store Mode & Tracking
  • Temperature: can be used from -25C to +70C
  • Weight: 16.8g
  • 100% Waterproof

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