For cycling, we have the option to use either our Active System with transponders on the front fork or our Passive System with disposable transponders integrated into the seatpost stickers.

The Active System is predominantly used for Elite and National level races. Active transponders offer 100% detection rates and a precision of 0.01s with speeds upto 150km/h. This level of precision makes all the difference in a bunch sprint with riders gunning for the line at speeds of 70km/hr+.

The Passive System is the solution for mass participation events such as Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge or for slightly more casual races like the Gran Fondo. This system still offers great precision and read rates and has the advantage of not having to worry about collecting transponders back from riders at the completion of their race.

If the Active System is used then we just require the range of race numbers that will be used. We then scan the transponders and allocate them to that range of numbers.

For the disposable transponder option we work with the printer of your choice to coordinate attaching the timing transponders to the bike seatpost stickers and to have these delivered to you in time for race day or any pre-event registration.

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