Combining the patented foldable ground antennas, decoders and our high-quality UHF transponders provides efficient workflows, highest detection rates and live results for all participants. This way, races of any size and complexity can be timed. We use this set up at the Round The Bridges run in Hamilton, providing live results to 6,500+ participants.

The event would be timed at start and finish, with a main and a backup system used for these important start and finish times. Any number of additional timing points can be placed on course, using either the timing mats (ground antennas) or high-gain side antenna.

All systems are synchronized via the integrated GPS receiver. Split timing points upload the data using a SIM card and mobile network.

All detections are received on the finish line, and live results are published on, allowing the public to follow their racer.

We work with the printer of your choice to coordinate attaching the timing transponders to the race bibs and to have these delivered to you in time for race day or any pre-event registration. Alternatively we can source race bibs for you also.

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